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Wilber Law Offices is a criminal defense law firm defending those who are under investigation by law enforcement for criminal activity and those who have been arrested and charged for any type of offense, whether a minor misdemeanor or a serious felony. Our firm is dedicated to the proposition that everyone deserves skilled and aggressive representation in defending themselves against criminal allegations, regardless of their social or economic status or the alleged crime involved. 

Our competent and committed attorneys defend against any type of offense, from DUI to domestic assault, drug crimes, theft charges, and more. Throughout the decade that our firm has been in existence, we have become well-known and well-respected in the community and the local courts. Our criminal defense lawyers are seasoned trial attorneys who have the capability of defending you at all stages and eventualities, from negotiating for reduced charges, reduced sentencing, diversion programs, probation instead of jail time, and more to conducting trials before the court and juries. 

Get the professional perspective and advice of an experienced Sonoma County defender in a free case evaluation. Request yours via our online form or by calling Wilber Law Offices at (707) 691-3309.

Our Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Our firm concentrates its practice on criminal defense; this has given our team intensive experience in representing you at all phases of your case, from an investigation by law enforcement to arrests, charges, arraignments, bail, all court hearings, working with prosecutors, all the way up to trials in court. Wilber Law Offices does it all in connection with any criminal defense matter, including working to help you achieve expungements of criminal records. 

Examples of the offenses we defend include but are not limited to:

  • Domestic violence crimes. These are specialized charges of assault and other offenses against current and past intimate partners, family, and household members.
  • Drug crimes. Offenses related to controlled substances can range from simple possession to distribution, sales, importation, manufacturing, and large-scale trafficking. These crimes can include unauthorized prescription drugs.
  • Computer/internet crimes. Cybercrimes can include identity theft, cyberstalking, various types of fraud, and more.
  • Theft crimes. Theft can include shoplifting, dealing in stolen goods, petty and grand theft, burglary, and robbery.
  • Violent crimes. These are crimes of aggression, ranging from assault and battery to rape, home invasion, carjacking, voluntary and involuntary manslaughter, and murder.
  • White collar crimes. Generally nonviolent, these are crimes designed to gain a financial benefit whether through fraud, misrepresentation, or deceit. 
  • Child endangerment. Exposing a child to danger, pain, or suffering can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony.
  • Environmental crimes. Violating state law or governmental regulations designed to protect the environment may be a criminal or civil offense.

DUI Representation in Sonoma County

Wilber Law Offices is a major defender of DUI offenses in Sonoma County. We represent all types of DUI charges, including first-offense DUI, second-offense DUI, third-offense DUI, felony DUI, under 21 DUI, commercial license DUI, and wet reckless charges. 

DUI is a complex matter, involving technical, scientific, and legal factors. Even medical issues can affect DUI. You need an attorney who understands how to investigate all these factors, from why you were pulled over in the first place to police procedure, testing procedure and equipment, and more. Our DUI representation is meticulous. It is designed to help you with both the criminal procedure in the courts as well as the administrative aspect of DMV license suspensions. 

Meet Your Attorneys Highly Educated & Experienced Trial Lawyers
Charges Reduced
Client charged with vehicular homicide. Ryan successfully negotiated for client to avoid a criminal conviction by being placed in a 6-month diversion plan.
  • Case Dismissed
    Battery charge dismissed halfway through trial, and the jury hung on the resisting charge.
  • Case Dismissed
    But case later overturned on appeal based on arguments made by our counsel during the trial that the blood test was inadmissible and that there was no time of driving established by the evidence.
  • Case Dismissed
    Facing up to a year in jail. This case went to jury trial twice. The first time around, a mistrial was granted based on inadmissible evidence being introduced by the prosecution. We did not give up and tried the case a second time. When it came to light that video evidence ...
  • Case Dismissed
    Facing a three year prison term. Acquitted of the felony charge at jury trial, and granted informal probation for the misdemeanor charge with no jail time to serve.

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