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Dave Jake Schwartz

  • "I just wanted to say Thank You! Your phone conversation with me answered so many questions. Your positive attitude and understanding concern is so very appreciated! Thank you."

    T.R., Windsor

  • "Dear Jake, Thank you for all your help with my incident. You have really helped me to better understand the process and steps to get over and put this all behind me. You have given me much relief knowing I have someone as helpful as you on my side. Thanks Jake!"

    J.H., Dublin

  • "Hey Jake, just a random note to thank you again for everything. I went to the DMV today and received my restricted license. Most of the people in my DDP program were surprised to find out their court suspension and DMV suspension were two different animals and have subsequently been off the road for up to 9 months in some cases...So thanks! You rule."

    K.P., Albany

  • "I'll cut right to the chase here, Jake. You saved me a lot of time, money and heartache. Your system and approach in dealing with my unfortunate DUI experience was not only successful but far greater than I ever imagined it would be. There is only one DUI attorney listing in any phone book I would refer a friend to, or anyone for that matter, and that attorney is you, Jake. THANK YOU!"

    C.B., Guerneville

  • "Thank you...its great to have my life back because of what you were able to accomplish in my DUI case. The nightmare is over. You and your website made the most difficult experience I have ever had in my life easily manageable. I thought that living in New York and having to deal with a DUI in California was going to cost me huge expenses and lots of personal time. I was really surprised that you (Jake) handled everything from the West coast. I was extremely happy with the outcome without ever making a trip back to California. I would recommend anyone in DUI trouble in Napa or Sonoma get in touch with you ASAP." D.C., NY

  • "Thank you so much Jake for all of the hard work you did for my case. This was definitely the best experience I have ever had with an attorney. Not only did you work hard to bring me justice and peace of mind, but did so with complete integrity and competency. I will happily recommend you to anyone who needs someone to represent them and fight for their rights. You are awesome!"

    A.L., Guerneville

  • "Jake is one of the easiest men to talk to; I never wanted to call a lawyer in my entire life but hearing from him was not only easy but relieving. I asked the impossible of this man and he pulled it off. There is absolutely no other person I would trust with my legal proceedings than him. Jake, you're made of Magic!"

    M.L., Santa Rosa

  • "You've got a DUI and time is of the essence. Don't waste it dithering over who should represent and advise you. Jake Schwartz came thru for me without promising the impossible. I got a call back ON SUNDAY...Jake never bobbled the ball, and he made me feel the process was always under control. When my case was finally adjudicated and Jake's job was officially done he still stuck with me making certain all of the court's orders were complied with...You will not get this kind of personalized service from big firms. You'll likely get a wet behind the ears kid. Call Jake." J.C., Santa Rosa

  • "From the very first phone call, I knew that Jake was professional, reliable and highly experienced. Before I was even a client Jake took the time to review the details of my case and helped me understand how the next days and months were likely to transpire. Jake's advice, experience and professionalism were the difference between an utter nightmare and a managable situation. My peace of mind throughout the process was worth far more than his fee. Further, the respect Jake showed me as a client made me feel like a person again and not just a case number." J.L., Glen Ellen

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